Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 6 Photos

Rough, natural (rock)


Week 5 Photos

Personal/hand written 



Form and Content III

I found this image in the 1983 periodical of Graphis.  It was made by Stephan Geissbuhler. The hierarchy of this piece is the phrase, "Taking things apart and putting things together what chemistry is what chemists do and what the results have been."  It was a poster made for a chemist exhibition for the American Chemical Society for their 100th anniversary.  The letters in the text are element symbols and the typography also symbolizes the idea of taking apart and putting back together.  Although the picture is shown in black and white, the text says that the poster was originally white green and blue.  I think this those colors the piece would look stronger and more appealing.  The piece is very clean and to the point.  The use of line and spacing are emphasized through out this piece. Vertical and diagonal lines are used.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Barry Deck

Template gothic was designed by typographer and graphic designer, Barry Deck in 1990.  Barry Deck was a successful designer who created twenty typeface families.  His work is featured in major art magazines.  He also worked with well known companies such as Reebok, Nickelodeon, and Vox.  Other typefaces he designed are Canicopulus Script, Barry Sans Serif, and Mutant Industry Roman. Deck got his inspiration for this new post modern typeface from a laundry matt sign he saw at a local laundromat.  The sign was a simple, makeshift sign that was made from a stencil. Deck was given the sign after the owner of the laundromat received a proper sign.  This served as Decks inspiration for his famous work.   He liked this because it reflected his interest in type that is not perfect.  The design style during this time was modern, everything was clean cut and smooth edged.  Template gothic was one of the most successful typefaces of the 90's.  Similar typefaces that are within the template gothic family include Felth Gothic, Pink, Stemplate and Two for Two.  While discussing his inspiration for Template Gothic, Deck says this new font represents "imperfect language of the imperfect world inhabited by imperfect beings."  

Friday, February 5, 2010

Week Four Photos




Photos Week 3

feeling of creativity/fun
feeling of awareness


Form and Content II

I found this piece in periodical, Graphis.  This image was shown with other images on a page therefore there was no artist or description about this image.  The company is called IBM and they produces products for businesses and schools.  the main elements shown in this image are shapes and lines.  The graphics in the background imitate the images shown on computers which relates because IBM's sells computer related products.  The use of horizontal and diagonal lines are strongly influenced.  The image being black and white, I think, makes the overall image stronger because the viewer's eye is drawn to the IBM.  The artist used direction, line, size and shape all in this composition.  The use of line and shape makes this piece interesting.